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CIS Returns

for contractors in the building industry

Accounts-Tax returns

Your own specialised accountant will prepare your CIS returns.

Accounts-Tax returns

Production of the required CIS documents

Accounts-Tax returns

HMRC receives fully compliant CIS returns on schedule.

Accounts-Tax returns

Representation in the case of an HMRC CIS enquiry

What is the procedure for filing CIS returns as a contractor?

We'll send you an email before the 19th of each month asking how much you've paid your subcontractors.
A reminder will be sent to you
After that, we'll send you a statement informing you of the amount you owe to HMRC.
We send out your CIS statement 
We submit your RTI return to HMRC
We'll submit your CIS return to HMRC after we've obtained your permission. Job well done!

How much does CIS returns cost? 


From £6.00 per statement
(per sub-contractor)*

Our CIS returns service simplifies the building industry.


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